The term LOGISTICS is derived from the Greek " Logisticos " and means "accounting"and skillful in accounting".Logistics entered business life as the ability to run the entire organization and sources in the most compatible way of reaching the purpose in 21 st century.In acedemic environments,logistics was formulated with a compact defination as supplying the right thing at the right time and in the right place.
    Most valid defination of LOGISTICS as accepted today was provided by " The Council of Logistics Management "  ( CLM ).According to such definition, Logistics is planning , applying , transporting , storing and controlling in the most effective and productive way the movement of all kinds of products , services and flow of information within supply chain from Starting point (source) to the Last point of consumption (end user) in order to meet the needs of customers.
    Our Company EGE EKSPRES has been organized to render complete services to you,our esteemed customers and has adopted as PRINCIPLE to be your Solution partner to meet the Land Route logistic needs of our customers.

We continue our ınvestments to render Land route Logistics Services completely to you,our esteemed customers,trough.

120 Company-owned vehicles,all at EURO norms , equipped with ADR devices and Mega Trailers for use in our INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTS
Our transportation capacity reaching dailly 150 Vehichles in DOMESTIC TRANSPORTS,including 75 Copmany-owned vehicles
Park of vehicles of foreign license plate belonging to our own company EGE EKSPRES ITALIA S.R.L located in Italy-Trieste
Our own bonded and unbonded Warehouses in Türkey and in Italy

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