Italian Cuisine
     Italian cuisine, world-famous for its simplicity and being liked by everyone, is one of the healthiest cuisines of Europe. Italy, being located in a wonderful place in Europe due to its geographical position, is a source of pride for being the best of Mediterranean cuisine and world-famous as providing natural products such as olives for olive oil, grapes for wine, wheat for pasta and bread as well as vegetable varieties, fish and veal, white meat such as rabbit and poultry meat under its suitable climate.
      There are thousands of restaurants that built international reputation serving various examples of world-famous Italian cuisine as well as small restaurants called “trattorie” and “rosticceria” serving delicious food with more economical options throughout the country. Pizza shops called “pizzeria” also serve until late hours within the same group.
      There are small family restaurants where various local tastes are cooked and “homemade food” is served individually by the restaurant owners economically in city centers. Some of the special food peculiar to each vicinity in Italy has become famous with special names or places.
     These include “pizza” from Naples (since it was born here), rare grilled “Florence’s Steak” from Florence; “pici”, pasta from Siena, made of only water and flour; “arabbiata”, pasta with spice sauce and "carbonara”, pasta with eggs, bacon and black pepper from Rome; saffron rice from Milan and famous “polenta” (corn starch pudding) mostly eaten in winter in northern region; famous “porchetto” from Sardinia island roasted from young pork meat; “orecchiette alla cirne di rape”, fresh pipette pasta from Pulia made by hand from only flour and water and seasoned with green leaves of turnip; and numerous other local food from other regions.
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